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Enchanted Elf Images Hand Made Christmas Dolls

About the Dolls

Each dollís head and hands are individually sculpted from an oil-base clay. After baking, the faces are hand painted and the eyes given their special sparkle. Each of these original dolls is signed and dated by the artist.

Outfits are individually tailored to the doll and are made from quality fabrics and trimmed with recycled furs and leathers. The hair and beards are made from fine wools and furs. Figures come with a variety of accessories or, in some cases, are set in complete scenes.

Each creation comes with a certificate of authenticity. Although some themes are repeated, the fact that the faces are each individually sculpted ensures there are no two exactly alike. The artist produces less than 125 dolls a year. This ensures that although there are no formal "limited editions," the overall availability of these pieces of art is, in fact, limited.

Sandra Phillips hand sculpts elf, elves & santa clause dolls
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